906 Day

September 6 is …

Upper Peninsula

What is 906 Day?

September 6 is 906 Day, a celebration of America’s greatest area code. No other area code in America is so unique in its borders and having a demonym specific to that area code, Yoopers.

In the early morning of September 6, 2012, I decided to have a sale on Yooper Steez for $9.06 off every order placed that day, including a 906 sticker with each shirt purchased. It was wildly successful and has been our biggest selling day of the year since.

But that wasn’t enough. In 2015, it was time for 906 Day to expand. After partnering with 15 businesses this past year, my new goal has become sharing that success story and encouraging other Upper Peninsula businesses to share their own unique offers to give back to the customers we so deeply appreciate. Think of it as a Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, for Yoopers. And there are many ways to celebrate!

New to 906? Here’s the blog post from 2008 that began our obsession with the sphenic number.

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Participating Businesses

These businesses are making it happen. Please visit their stores, their websites, and social media accounts. If you see them on the sidewalk give them a high five, a hug, and tell them thanks for all their quality work. The same goes for the countless other Upper Peninsula businesses who keep our community amazing. Thanks for being awesome.

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Ways to Celebrate

  • Take a sauna
  • Buy a friend a pasty
  • Swim in the Great Lakes
  • Give Phil of Phil’s 550 a high five
  • Play a game of Euchre or Cribbage
  • Test your nerves at the Paulding Light
  • Make a toast with some Upper Peninsula brews
  • Pay for the car behind you at the Mackinac Bridge
  • Send a really nice tweet to Vicky Crystal @TV6AMNews
  • Sing “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot
  • Go hiking, kayaking, fishing, stone skipping and other things that end with -ing

All about the 906

  • Area code 906 was created in March 19, 1961 as a split from what was area code 616
  • Area code 906 is not expected to be exhausted until at least 2023
  • Area code 906 is the 6th largest area code east of the Mississippi River
  • 906 is a sphenic number, a positive integer that is the product of three distinct prime numbers (2 × 3 × 151)
  • 906 is the number of Perfect graphs with 7 vertices
  • In 906 AD in China the Tang Dynasty fell to the Sung rule
  • And yes, if you flip it, it is identical!